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Tesseract of Quel’thalas/Azjol-Nerub are facing the ever pressent treat of extinsion. There for we are looking for a guild that would be interesting in a merge. Cant promiss that all our good hearthed fellows will follow - but we are a nice bunch of people that have completet Uldir HC, and some of us also done some Mythic raiding.
We are mostly deeps with a mix of good healers. There are some offspec tanks also. Numbers are around 10-20 possible new members - but not all raiders.

Drop me a note here or ingame.

Necromaniac of Tesseract

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My name is Kitty. I am the GM of Bind øn Equip. While not in the position to need to merge we are well established guild on the server and our doors are always open. Prretty#21117 on bnet


Hey Kitty

Wont help im sorry - we are Horde - your Alliance… Thats a bad mix :stuck_out_tongue:


Greetings Necromaniac.
Im the raidleader and senior officer of Synergie. With the numbers you mentioned the possibility of a “merger” might be smth good for both of our guilds.
If you´d be interested feel free to add me on bnet Asrubael#2554 and we can have a little chat about how or if it would work out. We are looking for some more competent raiders to bolster our mythic ranks, maybe we can get smth going.
looking forward to hearing from you.

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