LF Guild (semi hardcore)

Hey guys,

I recently migrated from .US to .EU after 9 years. I had to switch due to ping and latency issues. I have been riding since MOP and i am looking for a friendly semi hardcore guild which runs on weekends and plans to push Mythic raiding as well.

Most of the Guilds which push Mythic are usually running raids on weekdays but unfortunately i work on shifts and i do not want to commit to something which i can not make it.

I am certainly willing to learn and make changes in my game play to push the content. Always open to feedback. I have only been in very few guilds in my 9 years of wow. I really hope find a very mature and yet a friendly guild where i can call it home in .EU.

I have got AOTC in .US on my main, please find my logs on warcraftlogs for Drmicky US-Illidan. (unable to share links due to my rank for forums, sorry about that).

I main a Vengeance DH for Mythic + been playing it since legion and BFA. My alt is a fury warrior.

These are my characters in .EU,

Vengeance DH :-

Fury warrior,

I have not been able to ride due to my shifts in .EU and since i am not part of any guild roster as well. However, i am activity playing with M+ and PvP at the moment and will push higher in M+ to farm more gear with the new valor tokens coming this week.

Please do consider adding me to the guild and giving me a chance to prove. Unfortunately, i was not able to migrate my characters from .US. I requested Blizz and it was no go.

So i started from scratch and i really need a place to stay and come up again.


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