LF Healer To Push Glad (3v3)

Hi hi =^.^=

We are looking for a healer (preferably a disc priest) to push gladiator in 3’s with us. We are a Feral Druid (2.1k xp) & Arms Warrior (2.6k xp & multi-glad xp). The warrior can play an enhance shaman and a bm hunter. We would prefer if you had similar xp, but don’t be afraid to approach us if you are a bit lower as long as you’re in the right headspace.

Our aim is to play frequently and really try to improve our gameplay such that we are able to reach gladiator as a team. We would pick a composition and stick with it to maximize the learning curve. If we all agree on it, we can even do VoD reviews.

All in all, we are very serious about this and would like someone of equal mindset!