LF Late Night Guild

Hey ,

Will keep this short and sweet.

I’m looking for a guild heading into Dragon Flight that intends to raid and MPlus but on a slightly later schedule than the “norm”.

Being old, a dad and working full time means Id ideally be looking for something that kicks off around 20:00 UK time or there abouts.

Experience wise, I mainly play DPS and normally melee with my main for Dragon Flight looking to be my Warrior.
I haven’t raided a lot recently but have been a raider since the original TBC (told you i was old!) so know how to avoid the fire!

Would be looking for a guild aiming at HC clears for Curve and potentially pushing into Mythic if there is a call for it.
Also a big fan of M+ (apart form this season!) so would be looking to run keys as well.

This went on a bit more than intended but covers what I think are the key points.

Thanks for your time.

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