LF m+ players for a small community

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Hello, i am a 378 holy paladin with the current score of 1.2k io.
I am lookin for friendly, like minded people to build a small community of semi-casual players/friends who would be willing to push keys 1-2x per week in a chilled but constructive and serious environment.
I play hpal with alts 376 havoc/374disc.
If you wish to add me or play sometimes give me a whisper or add me on bnet.

My bnet is Zupinho#2769


10 out of 10 would recomend playing with this guy


Hoi i am currently in a guild who just splitted and i am mostly interested in doing m+ i did very high keys in legion on my warlock but after newborn i didnt got much time anymore. Now i leveled a BM iwant to hit high keys again so I will add you when online. But i have 0 score yet in BFA and only did a few at start of BFA on my lock so is also only 700+ io score

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