LF Macro: Click Create Auction Button

yo anyone know if there is a working macro that clicks create auction button so i can just right click to select item and then use macro to post.

I tried this macro below, but it bugs the auction completely and doesn’t post.
/run AuctionHouseFrame.ItemSellFrame.PostButton:Click()
/run AuctionHouseFrame.CommoditiesSellFrame.PostButton:Click()

You can use two separate macros for posting items and commodities

/run if not AHPost then local f=CreateFrame("Button","AHPost",nil,"SecureActionButtonTemplate")f:SetAttribute("type","click")f:SetAttribute("clickbutton",AuctionHouseFrame.ItemSellFrame.PostButton)end
/click AHPost
/run if not AHPostC then local f=CreateFrame("Button","AHPostC",nil,"SecureActionButtonTemplate")f:SetAttribute("type","click")f:SetAttribute("clickbutton",AuctionHouseFrame.CommoditiesSellFrame.PostButton)end
/click AHPostC


There also is this addon which makes using the AH even easier

Cheers, since I guess you can’t macro both of these into one button I made this macro to click both of them at the same time and it works :slight_smile: Thx for help.
/click MultiBarBottomLeftButton1
/click MultiBarBottomLeftButton2

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