LF Mates for long-term 3s

Hello people,

I hope you lot are keeping well and safe. I am looking for consistant teammates to play with and form a long term bond/team to push DF seasons. I am a very chill person and am looking for like minded indivduals to push rating. Constructive critism is always appreciated, i dont take anything to heart. I speak english only.

I have played feral since wod, hit glad almost every season with peak rating at 3.1k in 3s. Can also play resto in order to adjust for team comps and a bunch of other alts as needed.

Please feel free to add my bnet for a chat, i would love to make new friends and have long term team mates to que up with!!

Bnet : Nethaxien#2104

Edit 1: Currently found a rsham, still looking for 3rd gigachad to join us for the climb, both of us can reroll diff classes as meta dictates

Highly motivated/skilled/kind/exp warlock here. Playing since panderia :slight_smile:

Im lf exactly the same so ill send ya a battlenet req and lets chat :grinning: If you see the name iskater2 its me ^^

Dont fall for this person. Wrong person corrupt person and lying person

Yep he wants me to help him get full gear on his warlock (1.5k xp 2s, none in 3s), then wants me to teach him 3s and wait untill his warlock is lvl 70, currently lvl 64 as of 31/7/23. But ye “dont fall for this person” who isnt willing to be leeched.

Ofc bro suit yourself your a wild tomato 69 afterall

Hello, If you are still looking, me and my friend need a healer. We too just like playing the arena but we can no longer go further in 2v2’s with both of us dps. My friend is a very nice person always teaching me new things and supporting me. She is also highly experienced. I am Hattush@Dreanor, enh shaman, she is dh. Gimme a call. Have fun.