LF Mature Chilled Progressive Guild for Raiding

Hello There :slight_smile:

About Me.
So, I returned to WoW 6months ago (give or take) after a 10 year “break”.

Returned to find all my old friends had given up and left the game (not really surprising after all that time) and that the game had changed…a lot, even the addons :rofl:

Tried a Guild or two on this server (Anachronos) but TBH the server is pretty dead and there’s a lack of ambition.
Also, I’m quite bored of seeing the same 10 or so names in Valdrakken every day stood in the same spot… :rofl:

I used to like raiding back in the day and would like to get back into the swing of things and kick bottom :facepunch:

I’m currently 8/9H ATSC at time of writing this, hopefully 9/9H before the next reset.

This toon is my main, though I do also roll with a Destro Lock (424 9/9N) and a Prot Pally (423 0/0).

This toon is the one I’m looking to get recruited into a Guild and I’m willing to transfer realms for the right Guild.
Although this can’t be done until after the next reset (have vault collection and a GB to clear).
The other 2 toons mentioned above I’d look at moving a little further down the line (Blizz, you are expensive for transfering toons :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ).

What I’m Looking For.

1. A Mature Guild.
I’m not a huge fan of “Zoomers” with the “GoGoGo” mentality. I like to play for fun, but “GoGoGo” or “I’m quitting, you didn’t down it 1st attempt” mentality is not my idea of fun :joy:
So a Guild with members 25yrs+ would be ideal, but I’m always willing to compromise, since I’m “ancient”.

2. An Active Guild.
I am fortunate enough to be able to play during the Day as well as Evenings/Nights, so daytime company would be great. Nothing worse than being a Billy-No-Mates during the day, it’s boring :rofl:

3. A Guild that Raids and has some Ambition.
No, I’m not talking hitting 9/9M…I’m not a “Hardcore” player…but getting a few Mythic Bosses rear ends to hit the ground would be great! :smiley:
A Raid start time of 8pm Server time onwards would be ideal as got to feed & water the family before I can put the headset on and disappear into the world of WoW :slight_smile:

4. A Friendly Guild.
I never have been and never will be tolerant of or interested in “Toxicity or Drama”. I’m simply looking for a friendly & fun group of likeminded people to enjoy the game with. Simples :upside_down_face:

What You Can Expect.

1. Happiness.
96.2643% of the time I’m a pink fluffy bunny full of joy :laughing:

2. Assistance.
I’m always willing to help anyone that needs it. We’ve all been in need of a helping hand and I’m not one to deny that. I’m always willing to to what I can when I can for those in need of help…Even if that means running M+, something I’m not a massive fan of :rofl:

3. Reliability.
Unless there’s a family emergency (which is as rare as rocking horse poop), I will be where I said I’ll be at the time arranged :clock5: . No If’s, But’s or Maybes… I hate letting people down.

4. Respect.
I listen to my peers and respect/value others opinions. If a RL or Officer asks me to do something, it’ll be done, no questions asked (except for something that’ll get me banned :rofl: ).

5. Ambition.
I always want to do a little better. A little ambitious push never hurt anyone, right?

6. Humour.
It can be twisted…dark…stupid…But I’m Welsh, it’s what we do :wink: :rofl:

So, if I sound like what you and your Guild is looking for, please leave contact details below and I’ll get hold of you for a chat!

Thanks for taking the time to read this (though you could of been doing something sooooo much more interesting :thinking: :rofl: ) and hopefully speak soon.

Good day to you!

I gotta admit that the Welsh humour gets me everytime and I’m Irish, which may be slightly worse…:person_shrugging:

Would love it if you checked out our post below and contacted me for a chat, we have zero Hunters actively raiding…like seriously zero.

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Sent you a Bnet req for a chat :slight_smile:

Hello there. If your are still in the market for a guild that has raidprogress at its core but has fun while doing it, my guild, First Pull might be of interest. Add me on bnet Ampal0s#2193 or discord ampal0s so we can have a chat. Have a nice evening

Hi Zágan,

What you are looking for sounds exactly like what we offer with The Old Grudge.

See here for more info: The Old Grudge - The home for older players, is recruiting

I should add, a bit of Welsh humour will be appreciated to balance out our Scottish contingent :slight_smile:

Discord: Ezzergeezer
Battletag: Ezzergeezer#2731

Hi Dude were recruiting more
Unwavering fools Kazzak (H) recruiting for 10.1 into 10.2

Server : Kazzak (Horde)
Language : English
Raid days: Thursday & Sunday
Raid times : 20.30-23.00 Server time
Recruiting : Raiders and Socials
Progress : 8/8 Heroic Vault
8/8 Heroic Aberrus

Get Curve/KSM and have fun. Not in a hardcore fashion but there is a heavy emphasis on everyone doing their part and contributing. We want to be running m+ together in the evenings and helping each other as much as we can when we can. Also everyone puts in the effort in gearing (mostly through m+), reputation farming (if needed) and keeping up to date with enchants and consumables. We learn by doing it together.

We strive to improve as much as we can with the limited time we have for gaming. Trying goes a long way, so does asking for help. Wanting to improve as a team is a big must and a general vibe we want to have. There is an expectation that people have a grasp of their class and where to find information regarding their classes and so on. We also expect that people help each other as much as we can.

What/who we´re looking for

We are looking for people who are mature and have a sensible approach to the game.
Active during the evenings.
People who want to do content together either as raiders or socials.
Value progressing as a team, building and creating an atmosphere where we all can enjoy pushing heroic raid and mythic plus content together.
Has a functioning mic and willing to use it :slightly_smiling_face: .
Raid Schedule
For Dragonflight our raiding days will be Thursdays & Sundays, 20.30-23.00 Servertime (CEST)

DPS - HIGH prio mage/spriest/dk
1 x Offspec Heal-
1 x dps with Offspec Tank

we are accepting all but we are short the above classes/roles

Were currently planning for 10.2 on the horizon so happy to discuss roles and things moving forwards :slight_smile:

Please feel free to contact me on discord Cervet or skips13
or In battlenet Cervet#2247 or HipsterSkips#2309

Add Fao#21189 for a chat,could be interesting to know more.

Alright Oldsquid
Sut dach ch! We are always looking for mature and like minded people, i have been running Knights Legion since 2007, its been a roller coster of joy! :smiley: …and grey hairs!

We are a normal/heroic raiding guild with a hint of mythic seasoning, main goal is curve, anything after that is a bonus, havea great bunch of people, very friendly and welcoming, most of our activity is on Discord these days in terms of company, the days of logging into green texts and storys are not really around anymore! and u cant even do gifs ingame!

Anyway we are looking for mainly DPS atm for raids and long turn stragglers for future events!

Drop me a messige if ur interested.
Best regards
Discord: razorstorm1

Hi Zágan,

Maybe Synfull on Dragonblight-EU might be a place for you to consider. We’re pretty laid back, aiming for (and achieving) aotc each patch, and make a point of getting the achievement for each of our active members.

We currently raid 2 nights a week; Monday and Thursday from 2045 till 2300-ish ST. Friday is our social night where we do things like achievement runs, alt runs, PvP, or whatever our members vote to do. Other nights are pretty much filled with leveling and M+.

We usually ask for a chat with 2 of our officers to inform you about how we do things, what we expect, and ofcourse for you to ask anything you’d like to know about the guild.

Feel free to add me on b-net if this sounds good and you’d like to catch up on discord!

Best regards,



Atrox, two day a week raiding guild on Draenor. We’re a small group of friends mostly coming from the UK. We are looking for a few more members to build on our already established raid group.

We have cleared this tier on HC and looking to hopefully move on to a few mythic bosses. Outside of raiding we run Mythic+ regularly. Anything further you wish to discuss send me or Gurza a message on Bnet.

Diolch am ddarllen.

Raid time:
Thursday 20:30-23:00 server time
Sunday 20:30-23:00 server time



We might be the cult you’re looking for:

Hey there, we may be the correct place for you, if you haven’t found a home drop me a message and we can have a chat :slight_smile:

Hello! You can add me on discord: raski or on battle.net Raski#21503

Our guild is looking for more dps for relaxed progressing through Aberrus.