Lf more kind guild members to add to our roster :D

Hello everyone! :smiley:

A little about us: Me and my husband started this social guild the 21 of April 2014. Currently 495 unique players, this number change everytime there is a cleanup:P
We are always looking for kind players who want a chill/casual-social guild to join, also want those dedicated wow players who is active and talkative.

We do not have long interviews any more, as it took too much of of actual gameplay time, so now we try to keep it short :smiley:

Our contact platforms: We have discord (approx 130 members), facebook (80 ppl).
We also have a WoW community; currently with 181 members, whom we hope can be a platform to always find someone to play with even tho some are hordes:P

Our activity: within the guild varies depending on date and time, always love doing new content but also like collecting: Achivements/Mounts/Pets/Toys and other “old” activities xD. We try to adapt to the current most active players :slight_smile:

Info: Another thing is we do not kick if you are having a wow break, we do a cleanup when the guild needs it, usually when people have been gone 10months+ up to a year. Alts that are in the guild must be played on once in a while, they get kicked after 5-6months of inactivity to make room for active alts/players.

Our goal: is to have a toxic free environment, and we are not afraid to kick if someone do not behave.

Hope that this advert will help find more friends, and be a great place for new and old players!

Contact: Feel free to whipser me (Sweetblond/Anettehunter) are my two most played chars, or (Noalin/Hrrosa) my co-gm :smiley: Just remember to add our realm name after (The Maelstrom)!
If none of us are online, you can /w our officer (Lork-Karazhan) She is more online than us:P

-Also have a post on Raider IO, just search for our guild name :wink:

-Best Regards Anette & Philip :smiley: <3

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