LF Mythic+ friends

Hello, i’ve just started playing m+ like 3 weeks ago after being on a break for most of Dragonflight (only touching m+ for the seasonal KSM before that). After coming back to the game, I’ve really enjoyed playing keys, and would like to try pushing for once. My current Main is disc priest with 2688 IO, but I got all classes at max level if you play healer yourself.

I dont really have any requirements since i’ve always been an altoholic, so I dont mind lower keys to gear alts, or high keys to push :slight_smile: Only thing I cba is toxic and raging people, since i’m too old and casual to be bothered by that :smiley:

If you got any questions, feel free to comment under here, or add my btag: Swolee 2730

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hey elf priest i run a very casual guild in the server (silvermoon) with currently 14 active members, we are a close bunch and are searching for more people to do mythic+ with and or other dungeons, unfortunatly we dont do raids YET we might do it in the future.

currently our nationalities differ and we are spread out over germany, the netherlands ,norway, denmark ,sweden and britain and we mostly speak english.

we have 6 experienced players who could push 20+ and we have 8 new players who push 15+ atm

we would love to scale that up.

we are a small guild with a reason , this guild will stay small permanently not reaching higher than max 25 man.

i made this guild with the intention to socialise and bond with the guildies, we were done feeling like a number like in most guilds that just farm in people just for the sake of having alot of people.

if you feel like you run into the same walls and want to be part of a nice wacky group hit me up on dm or down in the comments.

apparently there are alot of people who feel this way and we do expect to close this post soon as we are almost reaching our goal.

if you feel pulled come check us out

thanks for reading.

sincerely Authurius/Lars.

add this guy here: Eu Horde LF M+ Team we are building a new team