LF Mythic+ Guild or group

Hello there, I am looking for a set mythic+ group to push key’s. Preferably in a guild that runs them daily. I am currently at only 1720 ish rating but looking to push further and higher. My goal is to hit at least KSM and if possible go beyond that.

Something about myself I have been playing WoW since 2004 and apart from Shadowlands kept playing more casually over the years till Shadowlands where I took a longer break because it just didn’t resonate with me anymore. Now with Dragonflight I find alot more enjoyment again and therefor decided to shift to something still high end but instead of aiming for raiding, I went more deeper into Mythic+ and loving it sofar.

Because I am a little older already I can play mostly from around 21.30 till 01.00 and most to every evening should be possible, maybe an off evening but overall 5 night definatly doable.

If there are any guilds or groups of ppl in need of more players for M+ just contact me here or through the app:

EDIT : Yes I am lvl 70 and no idea how come I keep appearing as a lvl 65 paladin


Free feel to add me on discord Keyda#1625

Thanks, I tried to add you to discord, however I keeps saying that didn’t work so figured it had to be battle net

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