LF Mythic guild

3 persons are looking for a mythic raiding guild.

1,3k RIO Resto/Balance druid 220 10/10 hc 1/10 M
1,45k RIO Fire Mage 10/10 hc 222 10/10 hc 1/10 M
1k RIO Prot pala/ Dh tank 10/10 hc


We are looking for a new start on Ragnaros due low pop server. And we are looking for a good mythic progression guild. Pref 2/10 M or above.

We love to do m+ and pvp also!

Interested!? Please contact me on Bnet: bramdewijs#2970 or leave a comment below!

Recruitment post for Odyssey guild

Hello there.Take a look on our guild,you might be intrested.

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