LF Mythic Raid Guild for 9.2

Hi there! I have been playing wow and raiding since Siege of Orgrimmar and since then I got almost every AOTC (except Blackhand and Xavius). But I did this always in a pug, even mythic raid I was pugging. The most mythic bosses I did in a current raid was Nyalotha 5/12.

For 9.2 I would like to raid for the first time in a mythic raid guild. I am able to play many different classes and specs and with enough preparation time I am confident I can play every class that is needed.

Currently I play on a pretty dead server (Arygos/Khaz’goroth) on alliance side. But I am very flexable here as well, I can transfer to every server on EU and to horde too if needed.

I am aiming on raiding 2-3 times a week, but if its 4-5 times during progress I am also fine with it.

My battle-tag: Martinika#2973

Hey Martinika!

The Gauntlet [A] on Nordrassil/BDF has been around ever since 2005, and has mythic raided since then with decent results (usually between less than half to just the last boss left). We’re a friendly team on a small server where player turnover is low, so we get to know each other well and people stick around. We take pride in our good social environment and believe it is the reason the guild has stayed alive for so long :slight_smile:

Our current progress is 5/10 M, and our long term goal is CE. We raid sun + tue 8-11 pm svt. In order to reach CE we are looking for a few more strong players with experience that are willing to become a core player in the team and stay with us on the journey for some time ahead!

All of our progression raider are doing M+ on at least KSM levels, and we have a bunch that are running high keys, up to around +20. Also some pvp going on in the guild, mostly for fun!

If this sounds interesting to you, please let me know!

You can reach me here or on discord at Frippe#2043

Best regards,
Frida - Haltastic


Free feel to reach out if you still need a guild :slight_smile:


Let me know if your interested in our guild. Currently building a new strong roster.

Hey there if you are still on the look out for a guild feel free to check out our recruitment post: 💥 [A][Silvermoon] <FURY> 4/10M - RECRUITING PLAYERS FOR RAIDS & MYTHIC+ - #20 by Zerofoxx-silvermoon

I can feel you wanna be in ? we are new active raiding/Social Guild !
We are playing 24/7 and hanging on discord chatting the random topics…

Sounds Fun so far Right?
Atm we are new team and we are gearing in the keys helping each other to improve and be better into the gaming world.

We raid two days in the week Wed and Sunday for 3 hours from 7-10 Pm svt

and that is my friend if you wanna more chat with me add me on discord server !