LF Pvp Community

Hey , I am looking for a PvP Community/Group . I play every evening from 6to 12 sometimes later.
I have multiple characters in various stages of gearing. I am a team player and would love to play rated bgs regularly in the week. ( Monday/Wendsday I raid)
I play Alliance :Arms Warrior(Challenger 28%Versa) Retribution Paladin (Challenger 29%Versa) Rogue 1300cr± 24% Versa (Still gearing) and on Horde: Balance Druid( Combatant 28%Versa) Enhancement Shaman 20%Versa (no rating)

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Hi :blush:

I run a community like this, Add me on discord an we can have a chat!

Thanks :grin:

Discord = manxofxarb#2551

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Hey I added you :smile:

Heya, i have created a pvp community (250+ members) where newcomers are welcome.

You can find Arena partners , RBG events that are organised for low CR.

But to keep growing we need more RBG leaders, as we can only take 10 people each RBG leader. We have only 4 atm. So if you are interested in joining as an RBG leader (with/without exp) or as newcomer or experienced player you are welcome!

As our main team (1.8k+ CR, 2k+ MMR) is full.
Interested ? Hit me up!
Discord acc : RafaLeLe#8157
Discord community : discord.gg/KPAmGBQmAm
Ingame community : Invitation Code : GRdLxkt2q

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