LF pvp friends

Hey im looking for pvp friends to learn and improve again.
It seems I have time for some pvp as well outside of m+ and raiding.
I can do arenas rbgs and stuff couple days a week and casual bgs pretty often.
Im not the most experienced got 1800 in arenas and 1900 in rbgs but thats like a life time ago or smth.
I play BM hunter and Feral druid. Planing on making a mage as well.
Im alliance and on the server silvermoon.
If you are friendly and chill and want to improve and try to have fun at same time add me on bnet pls.

yo, you found a buddy for pvp yet? if not im also looking for one to improve with, been playing disc priest or shadow priest in solo shuffle mostly, not done much 2v2, cus i have been missing a partner.

Im getting back more and more as time goes do daily bgs and epic bgs, farming honor gear when im not in m+, raid or hearhtstone.
I ended up liking mage the most and im playing as fire and have loads of fun.
Im horde now add me please for some pvp action every now and then and maybe it turns out to a decent amount in the end.