LF Raiding Guild (H) EU Draenor

I’m looking for a Raiding Guild doing HC reclears and currently main a 415 ilvl BM Hunter, 8/8HC 2/8M

I have Mythic raid experience from past expansions (5/10M SoD, 5/11M SoF) being most recent.

Mythic raiding is of interest, however my main issue currently is obtaining the Razsageth bow from HC which is a 6k-7k dps loss/increase, which is heavily affecting Mythic performance.

I need nothing from HC other than the bow and pugging weekly is proving to be a minefield!

So if your still re-clearing, or even progressing Razsageth HC with a view to Mythic raiding in the future please get in touch

You can contact me directly on Discord if you have any questions - Rozaan#2860


Please add us on discord if you want to add me on discord for a chat :slight_smile: