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Heyo looking to find an rp guild for a blind earth/water sherman warsong who more the type to use close up punches with elemental aid. Prefer non pcu one and does battle and story campaigns maybe some ritual. Mostly looking for an orcish theme guild or similar.
Like to make note he not a big fan of demons nor undeads.
(am doing an ic sherman on an ooc monk)

Here is one you might consider :smiley:


I see someone beated us to it. <3
Yes! This orc sounds to fit in rather well with us! So feel free poke anyone in the guild in-game whenever you’re able to!
You can information and such about us on the thread linked above by this kind person! ^^
At the moment we are off doing a campaign in Icecrown, but we are able to fit you in.
I look forward to hear from you if you do decided to give us a try!


Your welcome. :smiley:

There’s always these lovely guys.
You say you prefer non-PCU, but that’s not a hard no.


shakes fist at Beat me too iiiiiiiiit!

Orcs of the Red Blade are fine folks! They don’t let in tall blue elves tho :c They’re a very traditionalist Clan, doing the grass-roots rituals and the like. Very swanky peeps :ok_hand:

Additionally, the Iron Wolf Clan is a heavy story-focused guild, grown from a Warband. They don’t quite travel as much, but still get around very frequently! They bring in all the ‘Kalimdor Races’ into the fold, and are the nice middle ground between ‘very traditionalistic’ and ‘new-age modern Clan’.

The Frozen Paw Clan (woops it’s my guis!) is based more around Thrall’s ideals of the ‘New Horde’ and is directly tied to the Frostwolves. We travel a lot more, dealing with whole hosts of threats and are more diverse in our racial membership.


Thank you I try and see what I can do and look into things.

Yeah I just remembered this morning, Vel!
My head got stuck and Orc guild and not orcish themed guild. :stuck_out_tongue:
There is indeed Frozen Paw Clan and Iron Wolf Clan!
But also Ashblood Clan and Blood Howl!
All guilds are really good bunch of people and really fun to RP with!
Though be wary of Vel, she weird.

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