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Title says it all pretty much, looking for a guild who raids 1/2 days a week, pref HC but not really fussed just mainly looking for some new people to play and have fun with.

I used to raid properly back in WoD where was in a mythic guild so I have experience and am not a tard however these days between a busy work and social life i still like to enjoy on a bit more of a casual side.

I have only just returned to playing but have a couple of characters available:

The DH & WW/MW are around like 350 and the boomy is fresh 120 - i know very low geared, so obviously not expecting to jump straight into a raid spot but would still like to join a guild with the intention of raiding with them after gearing up a bit.

If any takes feel free to add me Dodgeh#2534



Hello Gennonx,

I sent you a bnet friend request, but thought I’d also reply here :slight_smile:

Animosity is a mature social guild that raids NM & HC. We are not a hardcore raiding guild, as we believe in life > game. The average age is about 30 y/o, and a lot of our raiders are vanilla/returned players taking it “easier” after chasing world/realm firsts. We have a semi-hardcore raiding attitude, which means a lot of bantering between pulls, but we are focused during the boss fights; and we ask raiders to come prepared (know tacts, bring food, flasks, runes etc.)

The guild is chill and has a no-drama policy. This is also not a guild that people only log-on for raids. Any average evening there will be 8-10 people online and doing things. M+s are a regular thing, just reply or ask in /g there will always be people up for it. A few of us also regularly do PvP and arena together.

Our current progress is 4/9 NM BoD and our progress raid nights are Mon & Wed 21h00-00h00 server time. We also run an optional social and alts raid on Sundays (same time). Currently we do M+s on Sundays as the raid team has not cleared NM BoD yet, but once that is cleared we will run NM BoD on Sundays. The guild that aims to get Curve and will attempt Mythic, but Mythic raiding is not the aim. We just want to have fun :slight_smile: Looking at the classes you play, we are most interested in your balance druid. However, we do want people to play the class they most enjoy.

If something is unclear or if you have any questions, I’d be happy to clarify/answer when we speak on Bnet: NeoNebulosa#2789

If we are not what you are looking for, then I wish you good luck finding your guild :slight_smile:

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