LF Social & Leveling Guild

So I’ve been playing world of warcraft on and off for the last year don’t really have a main character but I’m currently playing horde on Draenor and trying multiple different classes but anyway I’m here looking for a casual and social guild that could point me in the right direction if I need it and eventually raids if I get that far as well as being friends and noob friendly

Hey please check us out and contact me if we are what your looking for!

Hi mate!

[Scions of winter]

Were a newer social guild with a pvp focus be great to have you join us! We have all different sorts of players with us casual/PvE/PvP/lvlers. Personally I’m almost constantly available through the companion app and discord so there would be plenty of support for you as you play and myself and the guild would have no problem helping you level and get to grips with a class :slight_smile:

The guild is all about creating a grp of great people to play with!

If you want to contact me via discord/email/insta or in game :smiley:
my discord is manxofxarb#2551

Hooe to age you join us!

Guild info below:

Scions of Winter
Argent Dawn EU

Email: thescionsofwinter@gmail.com

Hello there!

In case you would like to change server, we are guild with pretty active and decent social part of this game.

Dont be shy to poke any of us :wink:

We are a small guild, but noob friendly. You can read more about us here: