Lf stable team 1.8cr 2.4xp

Hey all,
Im looking for a viable team of human beings to play 3s and reach at least duelist this season. You have to play DPS cause Im the healer.
Im not in a hurry. I can talk about mistakes without being salty. Im not toxic. Im communicating a lot whilst matches. Im chill. Im loyal. Im Elite XP in 2s and Duelist XP in 3s through all BFA and SL Seasons as Resto-Druid. Im a Dad of 2 children an can play on 2-3 evenings a week.

I want you to be like me, but you dont need children to msg me. :wink: Be at least Duelist Xped on your char. I prefer Shadowplay, RPD, RLD, Ele/Lock/Druid. But Im open to other comps. It’s more about the social thing that matches. Im looking for people to play the next months/years.

My dream is to reach glad one day… Lets make our first step!

Feel free to comment. Leave your tag Ill msg you.

I feel the same Btag: Woriod960#2414

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Added you. Lets have a chat later.

Hey, are you still looking for people?
I started plaing survival hunter a while ago if that is something you might be interesting in playing with. If so just add me Wrex#21397

if you need a 2.2exp warlock or shadowpriest add my tag


Hmu and we can talk, if u still looking

Push. Nothing changed. Since Druid is kinda C Tier I can offer Disc/Resto Sham too.

Would love to join! 2.4 exp solo shuffle. I know this is solo shuffle, but don’t be afraid that i don’t know what i’m doing.

Retri paladin.