[LFG] 2 players looking for a guild

Hi guys,
me and my friend recently started playing WoW, about a week ago, and we are currently looking for a Guild to boost our progress and hopefully to find a good community.

About us: I started playing few days ago, as already mentioned, as a complete beginner, but I did the grind as every new hyped player and educated myself on how to progress fast and of course with the help of my friend, who has some previous experience in playing the game. However, I am currently 440 item level and he is around 410, because I’ve dedicated more time in playing the game than him, obviously. We are both currently studying in universities, and might not have the ability to play +6 hours as other people, but we will for sure participate in any guild events that may occur.

We are looking for any offers, however, we would prefer to join a guild that is already doing mythics, raids and so on.

Hit me up on Discord: DJ Qnko Slona#5901 if you have any questions, I will respond quickly.