LFG M+ / Raiding - LF a relatively active environment

Hey there :slight_smile:

I have been playing for most of the seasons since Legion. I’m looking for an environment where if I log on for an evening, there’s a fair chance players might be online for mythic+, PvP or any real group content.

For season 1 and 2 I played Elemental (resto where needed) shaman in raids.
I am now getting more into Blood DK.
The guild I have been in has some great people, the issue is that WoW seems to have fallen into a pattern of getting AOTC for the raid, and then let the game go until the next season.

I did AOTC with my prior guild in most of the seasons in the last 2 expansions, I have a couple of the keystone challenger achievements, but when you are the only person playing in a friend group it becomes a bit difficult to actually keep the motivation to keep pushing keys, so I tended to stop caring about actually completing each season’s KSM.

In terms of logs, I managed to score fairly high, averaging ~85th percentile for damage in HC Aberrus, and 95 for normal. However, I’m no longer focused on trying to maximise details like that, hopefully it isn’t needed. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to just find a group of players where I could get back into group content again and preferably just get very comfortable tanking again on a blood DK. :slight_smile:

Discord: StalkyCoco
Battle.net: StalkyCoco#2272

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