LFG tool profiles?

Could we get more information added to the LFG tool?

Things like;

  • players max account exp
  • players max class exp
  • players max season / expansion exp
  • players past partner feedback

Maybe if players could have a ‘profile’ you could go onto.
For expample, you’re searching for a 2v2 partner in LFG, you look down the list and see a Rogue. You can then right click on the listed group and ‘check profile’ of that player. On there they could show the above examples of ratings, and also how tolerated they are as a player. So we could have options to ‘prefer’ players, or ‘avoid’ players. And that would show as a little chart or pie chart. You could then go into the subsection of that, e.g. prefer, and it says things like, people rated this player helpful, nice, etc. Or in avoid, people rated this player toxic.

Haha! Maybe we dont need that much player detail, but something to help find like minded players and see someones true experience instead of having to tolerate a toxic player that got glad 15 years ago.

Imo there is better idea. Remove rating achievments and just leave current CR. It doesn’t matter you had 2700 on S5 DK, S12 War or BM, late WoD Enha or SL Outlaw. It doesn’t matter you were glad in Wrath and then didn’t play the game for 10 years. The only thing that matters is how good you are now.


Tbh à tool in-game like check pvp would be enough, it’s too much what you want and tbh most of the player base (even at the top) always play the most broken spec/comp and always has been abusing of broken stuff /os mechanic /tanks etc…

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