[LFM] [EU] [H&A] [draenor] [M+] [Raid] Relaxed social Guild recruiting

Mostly Clueless are looking for new members.

We are open to Both Horde and Alliance, no matter how new or experienced you are there is a spot for you

What we have to offer you?

Chill place to hang out and shoot the S**t.
weekly Raids (Monday and Wednesday)
Mythic+ Runs Learn, help, grow.
Area/battlegrounds pvp teams

We are a none hardcore social group, We don’t take gaming to seriously we are all here to have fun. If you are looking to run the content without all the try hard and bulls**t. Then this is the place for you.

What we require - Its simple really
18+ only, English speaking
MUST have a mic and be willing to join Discord!!

So how do you join? Easy

join our discord: discord.gg/hyqavB4Nh5 and message IdleJester or an officer.

We will get back to you asap.

still looking…

Still looking for raid members. join our discord: discord.gg/hyqavB4Nh5 and message IdleJester.

We will get back to you asap.

still looking for members

still looking

Hi! What’re your raiding hours? Is the assistance of both days mandatory to be considered to join? What are the roles you’re looking for? My best equipped character is a monk, but I also have this one leveled already.

Raid will be Wednesday 7pm uk time. Saturday 5pm, Feel free to join discord and message Idlejester

still looking for members

still some seats to fill. need dps for raid team.

Great fun guild. chill

still looking for more members

Best Craic ever come and join the comunity

still recruiting

Hey! I’m back to wow after not playing for about 2 expansions. I am currently looking for a guild that does mainly M+. I don’t have the time to do raiding anymore, but M+ is fine. I did some dungeons and I’m still getting gear and climbing. I was wondering if you guys do m+ as well.

hey, yeah we are in m+ every night all eager to help each other on keys, no stress runs. jump in our discord and we can have a chat.

Still need a few DPS so we can get a regular raid team running, PUG’s just give up to easily :slight_smile:

If you are Horde and without a guild look us up, we still require a few more DPS for our raid team.

Current raid days Weds from 19:00 and Sat from 17:00, still need a few more dps so we dont have to pug those last few spots.

Still looking for more members

If you are Guild less, Horde, DPS and on Draenor what are you waiting for sign up today :slight_smile: