Lfm to form a reliable M+ team

Hey so no idea how active these forums are or how successful this will be but I’m looking for like minded players. So I’ve met some awesome people In pugs but we struggle to organise a set time to push M+ this is my first season maining warlock and beileve I can push into 25/26 keys my struggle is it takes me a good half an hour to vet a team suitable for it and if you don’t then it usually turns into a poo storm. I’m looking to gather interest with a date of starting 15th April my current free days days I propose to start smashing keys is the 15th, playing Monday and Tuesday as my guild raids we’d/Thursday and starting at approx 2115 ST to 0000 ST with breaks as and when required. Ideally I would love to end the season on 3k+ with ambition to get 3.5k next season or as high as I can push. I’m looking to get a group of like headed people, people that instead of rage quitting will learn and repeat and get there in the end. Comms wise I’m prefer discord disclaimer I am
Scottish and have a heavy accent.

Current positions needing filled
Tank -
Healer -
Dps - Gordonbennet
Dps -
Dps -

I don’t beileve in “meta” I’m keen to just have a solid and reliable group for 2 nights a week.

Looking for M+ players to push key’s - Recruitment / Looking for Players – PvE - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)