LFM <Voodoo Cookie> [H] on Nethergarde Keep

Voodoo Cookie on Nethergarde Keep

What are we:
An English speaking guild looking to expand our farming teams to gear up for raiding and expand our roster for raiding coming near future. Therefore we are mainly looking for serious players that have time on Wednesday and Sundays nights weekly at 20:00 ST for our farming nights and these will also be our raiding slots.

Who do we need:
We are looking for all classes and roles but lvl wise we prefer lvl 40+ plus. We do however accept social members and provide a fun environment to level in and an actively maintained Discord server + Guilded team/calendar for easy grouping.

How can you get with the Voodoo:
Contact me in game as Bloodgut or our members online for more info and we’ll go from there! Or reply to the topic below!

Come for the cookies, stay for the voodoo!

CO-GM of

Come for the cookies, stay for the voodoo!


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