LFM - WSG Premades!

Greetings fellow Racers…

I thought it was about time to start some topic on PvP and more specificly the gathering of regulars for some organized BGs - Primarily WSG stomp squads.

The last couple of weeks have been… interesting, with many of the other realms having regular premades in both AV and especially WSG. I myself am not a huge fan of AV as i find it often feels to drag on a bit too much and the general level of skill & teamplay required is often not on the same competative level as WSG 10vs10.

So, on that note i formaly (or forumly) wish to help build interest for regular WSG Realm team(s). Idealy this would be for the more PvP dedicated player that has some previous PvP experience. Im sure tho If enough interest is shown we can have a few regular squads running which would at the very least help build a PvP based community within the Raceway for the forseeable future.

Feel free to /w me in game and join me for some BGs and we can potentially take it from there.

GL HF Racers,

Nahdia - Mirage Raceway

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