[LFM][H] < Daytime > Weekend/Afternoon Raids


< Daytime > is recruiting exceptional players of all specs to strengthen our core raid grp for p2.

We are the original weekend raid guild, formed during vanilla classic.
25-man raids are between 15:00 - 18:30 on weekends. (Server Time)

Currently raiding Gruul + Mag on Sundays 15:30 and PTR after until 18:30
1 Kara group Friday 19:30
2 Kara groups Saturday 14:30

About Us

We are a semi guild with the intention to clear new content within the first month of release in a relaxed, yet focused, raiding environment.
We raid only 2 days a week and keep raid times ideally to 3h max per raid day, so we expect ppl to perform well, so we can actually reach our goal.

We are currently testing a lot of new players and every core raid spot is up for grabs for the best players, in order to have a strong core going into p2.

Loot Rules

We use thatsmybis prio list in combination with an automated point system that rewards attendance / performance.

Expectations to our raid members

  • near full pre-raid BiS required for 25-man raiding core spots. Near p1 bis for p2.
  • Appropriate enchants and gems for your character & role. No gems / enchants = no raid spot
  • don’t slack on consumables, even on farm raids. New recruits need to show extra effort
  • Be a team player. We want to develop a community as well as a raid team, so toxicity and selfish players are not welcome.
  • DPS should be minimum blue parsing to be considered core material


  • No unreasonable min-maxing requests will be made of players. You are free to use whichever professions you want to.
  • We are not super hardcore guild, we do however strive for fast and efficient raiding and try to improve, even after the content is on farm
  • We don’t expect you to top the meters on your first raid but we want to see continuous improvement, otherwise we will look for replacements

Like I said, we are testing a lot of new players and want to go into p2 with the strongest 30-35 players. Every core raid spot is up for grabs at this point.

The biggest current needs atm are:

Resto Shaman HIGH
Shadow Priest HIGH

Retribution Paladin MEDIUM
Enh Shaman MEDIUM

Check Discord for details.
Discord: https://discord.gg/5uTgNYQaGx

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