LFR / Group Loot annoyance

Did you even read what I said? I’m talking about people NEEDing on stuff they don’t even need (neither for transmog or an upgrade), but to sell it.

Would be great for transmogs if getting the higher difficulty stuff unlocked the variants from lesser difficulties… but alas, I’d avoid LFR like the plague otherwise.

Do one world quest. The transmorg collectors roll makes more sense in that situation. You will replace that cloak in 2 mins. They signed up to collect transmorg, They have ever right to want to play the game that way. I’ve lost rolls to people wanting transmorg. fair enough.

How would you know they don’t need the mog?

Do you see the logic error in this sentence of yours, don’t you?

The people click on the NEED because they actually NEED that loot. It is YOU who is thinking they do not NEED that loot.

And you are not the one who decides who will roll on which item.

And no one is obliged to give you their loot, rolled and rightfully won.

Sure, the people NEED loot they don’t NEED.



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