LFR / Group Loot annoyance

Please alter how it works…

Disable NEED if it’s not an upgrade. [Prevent people with 460 gear needing on 395 stuff, example].
TRANSMOG disabled if it’s already unlocked.
Greed for everything else.

Honestly getting tired of greedy sods hitting NEED on everything they can just to vendor it…

Or bring back Personal Loot…

Or bring PL back seeing as how virtually no one who uses LFR wanted Group Loot.

“aww but if you bring back PL you won’t get as many drops!”

So? We don’t get any either with group loot.


Getting tired of seeing the stuff drop for transmog consistently but I never get them due to greedy NEED rollers, honestly sick of running old raids to long queues.

I would love PL back. Ill start getting loot again.


The greedy NEED rollers are NEEDING it because they NEED that loot, likewise you do.

Everyone should ask Beerwolf before they NEED some loot they are NEEDING.

This selfishness is sometimes unbelievable.

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Ah yes, that 463+ fella needs that 395 cape… or hitting NEED on an accessory to vendor it… :roll_eyes:

No, it’s people abusing the NEED system, not using the Transmog button if they “needed” it for that.

Ahh yes, 463 fella NEEDS that 395 cape and it is neither your business nor mine why 463 fella NEEDS that 395 cape.

We are not the ones who will question other people’s loot, rolled higher and won, why they want it, and what they will do with it.

The thing you can’t understand is, that the reason this 463 fella is not greed or toxicity or abusing the loot system. The very reason is that 463 fella WANTS and NEEDS that 395 cap.

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You must’ve been a ninja looter back in the day. :roll_eyes:

lol, that’s the literally definition of being greedy, “not greed” – what ever dude.

TBH I hit the maximum level (need/mog/etc) for everything because I panic and feel I have to rush!!LOL
But I promise if I ever do win anything that isnt an upgrade or mog and I get a whisper I will always give it away…I just never win anything!

No one has to share their loot with you.

No one has to make explanations about their loot, rolled and won, to you.

Do you know why? Because you are not at the centre of the Universe.

The Boss produced the loot, 463 fella roll and won it because s/he WANTS it. If you /w ask him/her again if s/he NEEDS that loot, that’s %100 offensive behaviour because no one including 463 fellas has to make explanations about their loot to the greedy loot goblins.

While I understand that frustration loot will not be locked out of needing it, as it will dissuade transmog farmers from queuing into LFR.

It is the price Blizzard makes you pay for having high ilvls join in to LFR.

I think it is just easier to get personal loot back to LFR.

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Like I said, “what ever dude”. I’m pretty sure you were a ninja looter back in the day to make up excuses for this behavior…

I don’t understand the thinking “The guy has a higher ilvl than mine or the drop, why is s/he rolling needed on it? People with low ilvl deserve this loot more rather than 468 fellas”

Your 468 fella has fully participated in the boss encounter and should have %100 equal rights to roll anything s/he WANTS.

Ninja looters think the same, er go - you’re a ninja looter, and as such your point falls moot.

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You can not ninja a loot on personal or group loot systems. You don’t even know what ninja looting is and how loot systems work.

And you are not the one who decides who will roll on which item.

And no one is obliged to give you their loot, rolled and rightfully won.

Someone rolling NEED on everything, despite the item not being an upgrade nor is it a transmog unlock, is literally what a ninja looter does… WoW used to have people being able to roll NEED on stuff they couldn’t equip, so the system can be improved further upon still.

Anyways, I’m done wasting my time with you. Had these archaic forums offered the basic ignore feature I’d have long put you on it…

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BRO - transmog transcends expansions. Gear is just for current patch. If someone goes to carry dps in LFR to win some mog - it’s his right to do so. I don’t run LFR but I don’t see anything wrong with it.
Also, it seems to be only LFR problem. On higher difficulties people seem to be more considerate and will give u things they dont need even if they win.

No, this is not the definition of Ninja looting. The guy rolled and won the item, it is his loot now and nothing has been ninjaed.

You can ninja a loot only on the Master Loot system. If loot is given to a player without roll call or without asking other participants they want that loot or not. Ninja looting becomes more visible when the ninja looter yells on chat or voice for the loot.

You are not capable of comprehending or accepting the truths behind the WoW loot systems.


Whatever, couldn’t care less what you think from the many times I’ve said “whatever”.

I’ve not bothered reading your responses.