LFR My First Try Was Really Frustrating


OK I accept flaming np: I know loads of players think LFR is for wimps etc. but I just wanted to see the mobs/bosses just to gain experience of the raid so I joined a queue.

After joining, I see the avge. waiting time is 7 mins., 2 mins later it goes to 5 mins., 3 mins later it is 11 mins.

Finally, waiting time disappears and it now shows time spent in queue as 8 mins+ and the fact we need 1 tank and 2 healers.

It then flutters between 2 tanks needed and 3 healers needed for a further 14 mins, so actual wait time is now 22 mins.

What the hell are players supposed to do whilst all this nonsense is going on?? How can skilled game designers get this so wrong??

At any moment in time and with the number of players queued there MUST be enough to form a group therefore something is wrong with the queue logic.


It’s because there’s too many dps. It’s not necessarily a fault on the queueing system.


you can do other stuff while in queue.

but yeah I do believe ratio is in a really bad state right now

(Korrina) #4

My queue today wasn’t too bad. I’m guessing 10 minutes max for the first wing (enough time to do a quest) and then 2/3 minutes for the other wings. Are you queuing for all 3 LFR wings at a time? If you do it will help speed up things a bit.


You can do whatever you want while you’re waiting ? No one forces you to just sit arround and do nothing. You can do WQs or whatever you feel like doing and wait for the Q to pop

(Punyelf) #6

You can just get on with other things while you are queued. You can queue for multiple wings at once. So you just get on with WQs or gathering etc while the queue fills up.

(Basyxqt) #7

First world problems.

Do whatever you want, and it’s not blizzards fault there aren’t enough healers/tanks.

(Oldmangeorge) #8

If you think the queue is frustrating, then wait until you finally have a group. find out the first 2 bosses are already killed, and all the tanks and half the healers left, resulting in alot of the dps also leaving. Having you wait a long time until your group is full again. Then wipe several times because 85% of the people ignore the boss tactics and die in horrible ways. Then finally kill the boss only getting an augment thing and a bit of gold. And then having to requeue to do the first 2 bosses. This pretty much sums up every single time i try to do a lfr tier in bfa

(Alexima) #9

I don’t mind LFR that much. It helps with newer players to learn a bit more, And personally i did it mostly for augment runes.

But it’s the final week of this patch dude. LFR drops 340 gear which is literally GARBAGE now. People won’t waste time and effort doing LFR anymore. At the very least, Even casuals will go for normal version.

Next time you want to give LFR a try, maybe start it a bit sooner than the last couple of days of a patch.


To reiterate a couple of things people have already said

  • 22 minutes, or even 40 minutes, is not a terrible hardship. Try getting a group together manually to understand the alternative. Granted, estimates of the queue time could be better.
  • You can do other things while you wait.
  • If you queue for all three wings, you will be pre-scheduled after the first, so as soon as you finish the first wing, your queue will pop for the second, and then as soon as you finish that, the queue will pop for the third. This makes the wait quite efficient.
  • Day and Time of queueing is very relevant. Reset day is when the people who do LFR regularly all hop in. This raid has been out for quite a while now, so not many people are bothering, and 4 or 5 days after reset, most of those who want to do it have done it, and queues are sluggish.


depends when you queued and what spec you queued as.
Remember that there is a time difference in the world so when youre home from work expecting everyone else to be home from work and have done their dinner, they might have already been home 2 hours and have done their raiding.
Theres nothing stopping you doing anything else in the mean time.

As a side note, did you read the tactics on the bosses before you joined? that’ll tell us a whole heap about you and this post.

(Trinciamazze) #12

Actually, it is. If so many people don’t choose those roles maybe it’s because classes are broken or they simply aren’t appealing enough. So yea, it would be their “responsibility” to balance the whole design.

Not saying that right now it isn’t working though. As far as I’m concerned, queue time is perfectly fine by me as a dps. I just wait and do other things or just chat and hang around.

(Yolandass) #13

You are correct there are not enough healers and tanks nowadays cause those are stresfull roles for people.Nobody wants to take the mantle of leadership these days.

(Basyxqt) #14

Even as a healer i have “big” waiting times. And as i remember, as dps, i always had long queues.

Screaming in forums wont change that.

(Basyxqt) #15

I haven’t played a tank, but healers are not that stressful, especially in lfr!

(Yolandass) #16

It wont but it will get ppls attention :laughing:.

(Trinciamazze) #17

Then there’s probably some more tuning to do in the tank classes.

Whining on the forums won’t really help, yea, I think they are rather able to see what’s happening just from the numbers (that’s why they placed extra rewards for tanks, but that ain’t a long term fix for the problem), but still, reminding Blizzard this problem every now and then ain’t that bad too.

(Basyxqt) #18

I don’t know even know if they forward conplaints like that from the forums.

Maybe a suggestion ig would be better.

Bringing attention to the lfr system is a good thing, as it needs some changes, maybe to attract more players using it, but uldir is also outpassed right now.

He can find some things to do while waiting for the queue to pop up, like we always did and still do.

(Yolandass) #19

Or while he waits he can play one hots game vs a.i those games last 15mins just enough time for his que to pop.Btw im not promoting the game i am just having fun playing it alot but less on US region cause A.I is better preforming then my teammates wont go to much into it but if you ever decide to play that fun moba stick to EU region trust me :disappointed:.

(Basyxqt) #20

I for one, brave myself, and go to AD goldshire. :rofl: