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little rant but i have a feeling this will either be argued against or agreed. but blizzard you say your listening to your customers, then read this and change it. The new loot system DOES NOT WORK FOR PUGS it is beyond ridiculous now in raids and lfr trying to gear alts. i point blank refuse now to tank raids or lfr period for some dodgy guy to come in roll on gear for his off spec or spec he doesn’t play or have a clue about to take the loot i have played for hours to try have the chance at. example did lfr (painful as we know with bad gear players) ate up hour and half of my time to kill 3 bosses for a boomkin to be able to roll on a trinket that dropped that’s specifically for tanks for him to win it not trade with anyone else and when inspected he has 2 tank trinkets on so has done this 2 times. so i may be only 1 tank that doesn’t make a difference in the wait for dps to que for your precious lfr but if more start feeling like this as like healers do aswell then you will have a major problem. put back personal loot and bin this crappy system. rant over. cant wait for the elitist brown noser comments.

The game looks at loot specialization when deciding main spec not the spec he is playing.
This means that the moonkin choose guardian as his loot spec. He earned the trinket.

The system works both ways. If a tank like yourself gets upset and refuses to tank (as you said), a player with main spec DPS can step up and queue as a tank to shorten the queue but keep his DPS loot spec and is able to roll on DPS only items. Thus solving the longer queue problem for everyone.

then this is completely unfair to the people who solely play a spec losing out to someone who simply cant no be bothered to play the spec they are selecting as there loot specialization. in that case i will roll dps like the moonkin did and i wll take all the tank loot and i shall do the same on all the rest of my classes to roll for other spec loot just purely out of spite because why not right? just to disenchant or vendor, yes i sound like a spoilt little brat but meh right play the system as your saying.

yes youre right the system does not work in pugs and in lfr its even worse

How do you know if they can’t be bothered or not?

When I queue for LFR, I want the fastest queue time so I choose ALL 3 roles, and play whatever role I get. Sometimes it’s healer, sometimes it’s tank and sometimes it’s DPS. My queue is shorter, other people’s queue is shorter. Everyone wins. My loot spec is whatever I choose it to be.

You may see me in the raid playing DPS or healer, but my main spec tank. I am not doing it out of spite like you say, and not because I can’t be bothered to play tank, it’s because that’s the role I am assigned when I joined.

I am glad you realize that you sound like a spoilt brat, so I don’t have to point it myself.

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