LFR setting in the Raid difficulty setting menu

Why isn’t there just a LFR setting in the Raid difficulty settings menu?
Same as Normal, HC and Mythic is in the options why not just add LFR too?
For transmog farming or simply if people maybe wanna do LFR with their Guild outside of the Raid finder.
Is it a technical issue to add or have the raid instance as a whole be in LFR setting/scaling?

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It’s probably a technically issue because LFR is split into wings. You can queue for old LFR wings in various places throughout the world, just not the Dragonflight ones.

But that is different instances. I mean just entering the raid instance via the instance portal and then the bosses, mobs are scaled down to LFR values and based on raid size. Also we already know that they can shave off mechanics based on difficulty so that should work out of the box.
I think this should be a rather quick thing to implement on paper at least since it follows the same rules as the other three existing difficulties.

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