Life or light magic to fight evil?

Hi, just a simple question:
as we have seen in the quest for saving crusader bridenbrad in wotlk, only the light saved his soul/body from corruption, life coudn’t do much, so… is life inferior to light in fighting the evil?
or this is not anymore true due to some retcon?

It is not, hope remains: some master of the light Alonsus faol now of the forsaken, ex grand arch bishop of the church of the light and of elwynn north shire and now king anduin wrynn managed to find a new found power and there connection with the light is so strong than they can ressurect the dead and not only that but prevent them from rotting also called light touched undead.

It is vital than we as mere mortal and also for the forsakens interest learn how to reproduce that phenom and to eradicate all sylvanas loyalist, royal apothicary aswell as scarlet crusaders remain or any other humans anti undead who think we have become corrupted.

Who would eradicate those few forsakens and human harnessing such mastery of the light, should we fail humanity is lost as we know the afterlife is just a trick and nothing remain of the soul , such irony… to defend at all cost those who tortured and experimented on us alas we humans are aging and dying so fast.

That gift it must be ours we suffered too much, I’d rather become a light touched undead and be seen as a traitror and live with other undead under Calia Mnethil, i don’t want to die.

Cursed elves it is so unfair, why can they life for so many millenia and us fifty years at best… !

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