Lightbringer dead?

For a while now I’ve had the feeling Lightbringer is empty…any guild I join is dead silent and inactive…as I have all classes on max here I’m not inclined to transfer…could we get a merge here?

From what I can tell, Lightbringer/Mazrigos is pretty middle of the road for activity compared to other realms. There ARE other realms that are much busier … but there are some that a less busy too.

At peak times over the last 12 months or so, there has been times where there have been over 1k alliance online and around half that of horde, concurrently. I randomly checked a few other, similar realms (English/PvE) and most of those were around or a little lower than that.

Currently it is a lot lower simply because there is a slump in the number of players logging in for various reasons … coming up to summer, nicer days outside, mid-way through an expansion, etc. And those current numbers are similar in other realms too.

Blizzard have to take into account the number of concurrent players at peak times … they don’t want to make it so that at peak times, we can’t get in. This means that inevitably there will be times when the server is quieter than others, although the way it works now, we see people from other realms so it’s only really guilds that tend to see the result first hand.

I’d recommend either looking around for another guild … and the times when you’re regularly online, before applying to join a guild, do a check to see how many are online in that guild (type /who guild name in your chat pane). Different guilds are more active at different times, and often on different days. For example we are more active in an evening, and more active again on raid days (not because people only log in to raid, but because on non-raid days people log in and off at varying times, rather than together)

… or looking into perhaps a community? Communities I think are cross-realm.

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I did join some communities…mostly the same 2-3 people talking. I suppose you are right about the mid expansion etc. But even at launch I dont think we ever had a login queue

don’t think we had a queue this expansion - or perhaps only once or twice briefly, but it’s not whether or not there is a queue, but whether if everyone subscribed to play on that realm concurrently logged in, would create a queue. I don’t know the specifics on the numbers that Blizzard use, or how they use them … but they have to do some calculation on potential number of concurrent active players at max load. And then take that into account before considering merging.

My suggestions above still apply though.

Another alternative is perhaps to join a discord community such as

This is a bit like the discord version of a community.

You could also check the guilds here: … if you click into the guilds you can get an idea of activity (plus, of course, if they’re currently progressing, you know there must be SOME people online fairly regularly).

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Will do. Thank you!

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