Lightbringer, Server of death & History

A good topic title draws attention, right ?

I feel Lightbringer deserves some attention

Alot of us have sided with this server since it’s release in mid august 2006. I’ve seen people leave this server to join other servers, and I’ve seen them return as well, wether it’s horde or alliance side.

To me , personally, Lightbringer has always been some kind of special and a really nice community. As of today, I still speak to people whom I played with over 10- almost 15 years ago. I’d like to hear some history, from others, I can share some stories as well - people got married, thru this server - whilst being from different countries -

What’s your most favorite Lightbringer memory ?

''Server of death meaning; alot of people transfered away to ‘‘better’’ guilds or mythic raiding guilds on other servers

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