Lightforged Draenei have the worst racials in the entire game

Now that BFA’s final patch has been released and all the Allied race’s that we will have are now implemented. Its crazy to see just how much of a niche the LFD are.

Here are their racials for those unfamiliar:

  • Light’s Judgment: Call down a strike of Holy energy, dealing Holy damage to enemies within 5 yards after 3 sec. 40 yd. 2.5 min CD. Instant.

  • Passives

    • Demonbane: Experience gained from killing Demons increased by 20%.

    • Light’s Reckoning: When you die the Light avenges you, dealing Holy damage to enemies within 8 yards and healing allies.

    • Holy Resistance: Reduces Holy damage taken by 1%.

  • Misc

    • Forge of Light: Summon a Forge of Light, enabling Blacksmithing. Blacksmithing skill increased by 10.

So looking at the above racials we can surmise that as a race with 5 classes Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Priest & Mage. Only 2 of those classes are truly fitted for this race. Then spec wise we see that there really is nothing for a healer at all.

But wait isn’t the LFD basically bathed in the light, where are the heal’s? Well take another look and you’ll see it baked into an “On Death” to represent the lights healing power. Now to me that sounds very silly because although life becomes light and visa versa as said my alternate universe Velen. We know that in SoO that the Light cleanses but it is not gentle. So I think this is what the developers were going for originally. But it doesn’t represent the best of the light and that should be healing first.

The forge is fine but reinforces that they are only good for their plate wearing classes but that’s fine if changes were made elsewhere and the same can be said for Demonsbane.

So what can we do about it?
A few ideas for a new onuse ability:

Use the standard Draenei as inspiration for the revamp of the racial
Lights Presence: Increases all your primary stats by ?% for ? seconds

Wrath of the Naaru Explode with Holy Energy dealing Holy Damage to nearby enemies and Healing allies over ? seconds

Represent the idea of lightspeed, Why? Traveling towards Argus in a ship surrounded by light.
Lightspeed: Increases your haste by 5% and movement speed by 25% for 15 secs. 3 min CD

New Passive ideas:
I like the idea of the Mechagnomes racial and would like to see a version of it for the LFD once they start the crusade its difficult to stop.
1000 Year Crusade, The call of the light fills you every 5 secs, increasing your Haste stat by 1% stacking up 4 times, this vigour decays while out of combat.

A generic idea to try and provide something for everyone
Path of the Light, 1% increased healing done and received.

Now my ideas might not be the best I’m not a game designer but I can recognise issues and the LFD just don’t fit the narrative of warriors of the light and that’s a shame as they do seem like a cool race with a lot of history. I would honestly like to play one but as a healer without any changes I just can’t bring myself to it and that’s pretty sad unless a rework is done.


I actually kinda like Light’s judgment, free big beefy aoe spell. Could easily be a heal as well though. Light’s reckoning is a bit weird, but I appreciate it’s not just a flat % increase like dwarves or gnomes.

I mean, why? What do other classes get? a 1% buff?

My worgen wants to beat the crap out of you if you think lightforged have bad racials


Except the Light’s Judgement, there are no good racials, the rest is worthless trash.


Do you want my 1% crit instead then?

Seriously though who gives a f**k about the passives

Although i do like that i explode upon death as lightforged draenei

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I quite enjoy the laser, it’s nice for some extra damage on pull before I run up to the boss and it’s nice for some extra damage when I can’t melee the boss because of a raid mechanic. It also secured countless kills in wPvP when that Hordie was sure he escaped and I could no longer get to them. I believe it’s one of only a couple racial actives that are an actual DPS increase so I’m not sure why you think it’s bad.

I very much enjoy Forge of Light as well. Saves a lot of bagspace and hassle when I don’t have to lug Thermal Anvils around.

Reckoning is a bit naff I’ll give you that… But I can recall at least one instance when the stars aligned and it actually killed the boss in a dungeon when I was the last man standing. And I’m pretty sure it killed at least a couple people in PvP. So definetly not useless.

The other stuff is inconsequential, but every race has a couple passives that are inconsequential so…

If you don’t enjoy the racials yourself, that’s a bit of a bummer. But doesn’t mean there’s a game design issue. I definetly wouldn’t call Lightforged racials significantly worse objectively than any other set of racials.

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I would take 1% crit over that Light’s Reckoning honestly.


Its a deal!

Also i didnt even notice lf didnt have a 1% stat buff until i saw this thread

I agree. It’s a pretty good skill to have as LF Paladin. Besides, the whole class fantasy is custom designed to be an anti-Legion unit, therefore it makes sense to have these racials somewhat.

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Yes. :neutral_face:

Oh wait I do have it.

Once the Shadowland leveling Rework hit all LF can do their leveling in Outland for easy max level with that 20% xp boost vs demons.

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Wisp is best racial.

Night elven 1% buff is funny - it changes. From night and day. It is either hate … i mean haste… darn typos … (night) or crit (day)

I’m currently leveling through Outland with that character for the Loremaster and I believe that this will not be the case. Too many zones without any demons, you better level through Legion with the invasions for the effect. +30% WM, +20% racial, +50% heirloom.

who cares about racials…

oh no i like a race but it doesnt have op racials… guess ill have to play something that does because im a world first raider who needs every 0,001% more output i can get

o wait youre not… so again, who the hell cares

just pick what you like ffs

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Can’t Discipline priest use Light’s Judgement to heal though?

Their personalities can also leave a lot to be desired, they have that “Holier than thou” attitude :wink:

Contrary to belief, everything counts in the end. If we have topics on the front page here, like the Pala ZT with bubble/regen, then these racial clearly can turn the tide when you’re close to dying with no mana left.

In that case it would affect you even without the world first race or raider involved. So, yes, people do care about racials and I’m pretty sure we fill find another examples if we dig deeper into this.

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paladin bubble has been around since forever and they are able to “turn the tide” even without that racial - so again - it doesnt matter

Well, do you care enough to explain why the ZT pala bubble/regen combination does not count in your books then? It’s not min/maxing, it’s not damage either but utility for the casual players who will likely benefit from this more than your, I quote you, “0,001% more output they can get”? Or do I miss something here?

When I was 5 boxing, that badboy spell could take out a massive chunk of the boss hp by using 5 at once… even though it’s aoe.