Lightforged priest or paladin

It’s last day of summersale, and I am going to make one of my draenei chars a lightforged. Either the priest, or the paladin but I struggle to choose who.

Both would be chars that has the story we alle know, but do the lightforged ritual now for different reasons.
Mostly I would like the priest, but there is this issue with shadowspec.

The paladin who was my main in WOD would see it as a great opportunity to be a better person and more like his idol… He was a fanboy of Yrel.

My priest char is one of the survivors of Auchindon, and was one of Maladars followers until TBC. So he was a deathpriest (shadowspeced)
He would do the ritual in an attempt to clense and strengthen himself against the dark influences himself and be stronger against the madness.

What makes most sense and are most interesting?

I would say both have great potential, but you know those two characters better than anyone else, and thus the best choice for you, is yours to make.

Personally, I would choose paladin/vindicator, for in-game versatility (tank/heal), and because I love seeing badass Lightforged draenei swing biga$$ sledgehammers at their foes :muscle: :bearded_person: :goat:

I think both your characters’ backstories make good sense, although the priest seems set up for some (inner?) conflict as they transition from the dark energies of their Auchindoun experiences, to the blazing radiance of being Lightforged…

I havent really mained my paladin or played him IC since WoD so maybe I can just make him have stayed behind in draenor and let him become a lightbound insted of a lightforged.

That could even work as a shadowpriest really…
Since Yrel and her zealots are “Forcing the light” on people against their will it is not that strange that a unwillingly converted shadowpriest continue to use shadow magic when they escape.

Then I just need to find a way to get back from AU draenor to MU Azeroth since that portal is supposed to be closed.

Well, I prefer swords to be honest. No matter if one or two-handed.

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I’d say this is a bit more special hence a bit more interesting, but it doesn’t mean the other one isn’t good. If you prefer one class over the other, pick that. But if you go with the priest story, I’d ditch the shadow specc, having him changing path. Being a lightforged is dedicating yourself completely to the light, there’s no doubt, the light is the way. LF SP are game mechanics the same way Velf holy priests are.

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If I had the option to actually play DPS as holy I would ditch it in a blink…
Like if they made DISC a DPS spec og made a glyph that changed shadow to inquisitor.
But since you have to dwelve in the shadow to sign up for a dps spot I have to do it from time to time…

But the lightbound twist might save me tho…
If he was an old Achindun deathpriest who stayed behind in alternate draenor to go back to his service in auchenei there…
And after a time Yrel came and forced the light upon him against his will, making him a AU lightbound insted of a MU lightforged, then he don’t need to be “dedicated to the light” if he manages to escape back to MU Azeroth.

He now knows firsthand the importance of balance, having experienced what happens if you dwelve to far into the shadows. “Maladaar”, or to far into the light “Yrel”.
And having been touched by them both.

Gameplay and RP is not the same though, you can be shadow in pve/pvp and holy in rp :relaxed:

I’m in no position to say it’s not doable, if you want to have that character go for it, but if you’re trying to come up with a reason just to have a reason to switch to shadow for dps it’s not really “necessary” since :point_up_2:t2: what I wrote first

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In a way I am…
I know that it is possible to have PVE and RP completely separated, but for me it’s not that easy tbh… It feels very wrong to be out of character… I struggle mentally with that, so I need a background that makes it possible to be any spec.


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