LightTakers PVP

Lightbringer Alliance Based player is setting up a PVP Guild for some chilled PVP Fun, we will be doing some Raiding aswell for gear and such but the main focus will be PVP as its just fun,

so please /w me in game for invite at this time still need people to sign the charter but i am working on that. this is also a NO Drama Guild we are all just looking to chill with the game doing PVP and Raiding.

Rules are simple be ready to PVP 120 Characters.

Dont be a dumb person this means if we loose take it easy we are all here to have fun.

your willing to be on discord and are non toxic as the GM may be streaming and also be willing to be on streams.

any problems you should contact the GM and be willing to compromise.

Drama makers will be dealt with with no remorse.

so thanks for reading im hoping to hear from you soon lets make a great Lightbringer PVP Guild!

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