Linking mounts just says something unintelligible

So i had 2 night nelf chars that kept saying this when i linked a mount which was annoying i recently changed my hair colour from black to red and know i can relink mounts so there is some coding that is interfering with that hair colour if any one else has that issue

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I’ve had the garbage link (Something like " |Hmount:418286:113692|:: " then a paragraph of code - the numbers are different for every mount I attempt to link) happen on two chars now - one towards end of last year, and one this month. For certain this time immediately after unwrapping the new 6 month mount the problem began. The other I believe lined up with receiving the storm gryphon.

Both cases it was specific to the character which unwrapped the new mount - any other char on account continued and continues to be able to link mounts without issue (Which, I feel, rules out CS’s favourite response of “Reset interface, turn your addons off” )

Ultimately it seemed to just resolve on the first char, after several weeks.

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