Literally nobody asked for loot restriction when trading horde and alliance

lets make this obvious for blizzard. Literally nobody cares about horde vs alliance. Ive been here since the start and blizzard should know by now that most players dont world pvp, most players dont give a damn if we can party up with alliance or horde together. which we can now. thats a huge step in the right direction. Stop making the game unconvenient by adding one nice thing but leaving out trading with players.

Nobody cares about horde vs alliance. Stop splitting up ur player base and make it 100% normal. allow trading etc.

To anyone that disagree, you are the minority.



I agree with you. I don’t care about the factions in PvE. I’d love to play with the Alliance.

I mean… I’m sure some people care.

But then when you are at a point where you are doing the same dungeon together, yeah, you should just be able to share your loot.

If you care so much don’t do the dungeon with the opposite faction in the first place.

What kind of trading u mean ?

Regular trading of stuff ? That doesnt work frim different realms, even for horde/horde, and for a good reason .

Item dropped and u wanna trade ? That works just fine, but whisps are kinda weird and they sometimes work and sometimes dont

It only works as long as you are inside the dungeon. If you teleported out to do a next run, even if you never left the party, you cannot trade each other anymore. Or at least that used to be the case the last time I tried.

U can stil trade that item with that specific person . If the person vas eligible to get it in first place, and 2 hours didnt pass u can still trade as long as u are in group and in instance .

It also doesnt even need to be same instance, i traded raid gear to some fella in mechagon, cuz i wasnt paying attention to chat and mechagon was quick to reach.

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