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Join us live on Twitch on Thursday, March 21 as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A, where he’ll be answering your Battle for Azeroth questions.

Submit your questions by posting here in this forum thread or via Twitter using the hashtag #WarcraftQA.

We’re looking forward to getting the chance to dive in and answer as much as we can; we hope to see you Thursday at 7:00 P.M. CET!


Currently, there is no way to obtain the BfA Season 1 Dread Aspirant or Dread Gladiator transmog gear, which was all replaced in Season 2. Please can you add a vendor for these sets for Marks of Honor like you did in Legion?


Any chance we could get an Expulsom/Hydrocore/Tidalcore vendor that trades crafting mats (eg: herbs) like in Legion where we had the Blood of Sargeras Vendor? My 3k Sanguicell and 1.5k Breath of Bwonsamdi need a better use.


PVP vendors when?


What are your thoughts on gold as a currency in WoW today? Are you happy with the cost of repairs and the gold gained from completing quests? And what are your thoughts on the prevalence of players offering services in exchange for gold?


With the latest nerfs to MMR in PvP a growing imbalance between PvE and PvP-gearing appeared. In europe, there are only roughly ~1100 players rated above 2,4k between all brackets that thereby have access to elite item level gear. In contrast, theres a gigantic playerbase - that is a several hundred times larger - that have access to mythic item level gear through PvE, wether it being high M+ or mythic raiding. This imbalance is a growing concern in the PvP-community and I would like to hear your guys thoughts on it.


Would you consider re-implementing old content previously removed from the game? For example the legendary questlines in MoP and WoD? You can keep the rewards a thing of the past, but why restrict players from the ability to experience the storylines?


Why do those of us who reached max Prestige in Legion have to spend hundreds of hours grinding honour just to “unlock” the rewards we already earned before we can even start working on the new honour rewards?

You agreed that grinding paragon mounts felt bad and you wouldn’t do it again, but then you added low drop rate toys/pets anyway. Why? It’s just the same problem all over again for collectors.


Do you take lore questions? If so…

What was the specific event that caused the Void Elves to be exiled? Clearly they did something worse than the average Blood Elf Shadow Priest.


Just three questions:

  1. “Better timing” has been promised for release of flying and now it seems, that BFA will have a year without flying. I don’t think, that it looks like “better” timing. What has been changed? I clearly understand, that combat - is very important mechanic, but now it’s way too overused. That’s why flying is needed for more enjoyable gameplay and to make game more replayable in a long term.
  2. Why can’t we finally remove PVP flag? In the past it was needed, because you wanted PVP to still be possible on PVE servers, but now we have War Mode for it. Isn’t it time for it to go away? Because PVP-related quests hurt my gameplay way too much, as I’m purely PVE player, who don’t need PVP in any shape or form.
  3. Garrosh is dead, but Sylvanas isn’t. Where is logic? Garrosh was killed due to exactly the same reason - he wanted Horde to be strong and Alliance to be destroyed. And we wanted peace. Why all of a sudden have we changed our minds?
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when’s master loot comming back?


In regards to customization for existing races: Is there a chance we will see more of this in the near future? Such as Wildhammer tattoos (if not an allied race) and/or separate eye-color/facial feature adjustments?


Why does WoW feels more like Diablo today with titanforging and seasons? What brought the mentality change to introduce those changes


Will we ever get to play as a tinker? If so, will they be ranged?


That is not correct Alinar. Atm you still can optain the Aspirant Set from S 1, by looting War-Supply-Chest while beging between lvl 110-119. I got some pieces with my warrior after 8.1. in S 2.

Will items, at some point be meaningful again? Right now people dont remember a item or get excited for it when it drop. people to this day still remember when they got bloodfang head.


When will wow be an RPG again? wow have moved more and more into fast gameplay and lobby.


Don’t you think that BFA is kinda at odds with itself? Expansion was advertised as Faction War expansion, fight for your faction, faction pride, yada-yada… You add faction war content, like warfronts, BfD raid. And then story tries to encourage you not to fight against Alliance and focuses on characters like Saurfang and Baine who says “War is bad, don’t go to war”. It’s kinda “The only winning move is not to play” situation, because gameplay condradicts story we get.