Living on Miss MacGuffin (9.2 Spoilers)

So we may not have the details, but it seems that Azeroth herself and her azerite powers have a relevant role in the fight against the Jailer. The Jailer is trying to kill her and use her power, or something like that. The details really aren’t the point here. The point is that even with the stakes as ridiculously high as they have been piled, Azeroth is at the center of it.

So, as I am reading it…

While the plot is becoming more cosmic, it isn’t exactly leaving Azeroth the planet behind. On the contrary, Azeroth seems to be the most important thing there is, for some reason. The ultimate MacGuffin that everyone wants. It’s not just that we have the “one true timeline” here, it’s not just that we have the egg of a super-titan. We have power here that the everyone wants, because it seems to be what you need to control existence itself.

So while the plot is becoming more cosmic, this is an excuse why it would still be centered around Azeroth in the future, so that we don’t have to repeat the Shadowlands experience of feeling entirely seperated from our home again. There are places we probably have some reason to visit and look into, but nothing in the whole wide WoW-multiverse is more important than protecting Azeroth, and keeping her power from falling into the wrong hands.

Now, if I’m correct on that one, it’s an interesting little limit they set on their writing.

One the one hand, we actually have something grounding us. The cosmic stuff can get as strange as it wants to, but the world we came here for will forever be part of it. Since Azeroth is the ultimate prize, there is no way to lose it without losing a neverending game. We don’t have to go to the cosmos all the time, the cosmos has reason to come to us. Anything happening on Azeroth is potentially important to the cosmos.
On the other hand… anything happening in the cosmic story will be directed at Azeroth. Which would suggest that we can never again keep the cosmic powers out of mind while focussing on Azeroth. Just like BfA wasn’t allowed to actually be a faction war, and had to be about the forces of Death and Void instead, any future plot will probably have the cosmic repercussions in mind. Teldrassil might be important, but it can’t be important enough to risk leaving Azeroth vulnerable to cosmic poaching that could kill everyone, everywhere, everywhen.

So, am I wrong here? Am I overly optimistic or pessimistic? Would you like it, if that was the direction, or would it just be another nail in WoW’s coffin for you?

Uhh that sounds like false good news doesn’t it ?..
If that’s what they’re after, that means that Azeroth will remain a core driving force behind the narrative, but only because for some reason it’s so important to the entire universe. Not because it’s where the story everyone cares about is set in. So not for good reasons.

If this turns out true, it means 2 things : 1) cosmic considerations will become a regular part of Azeroth’s identity and plots, and 2) the “everything revolves arounds us” motif will be consolidated beyond measure. Once again the results would be making the world smaller, not bigger, as paradoxical as it may sound, because other worlds would instantly become pointless.


Its weird anyways, since Azeroth is a Titan, and Titans were 3D printed… But now they need a Titan(-soul?) to power Zerith Mortis or something???

I think you’re overthinking it, are atleast try to think normally about it, which is already more then the Story team/Danuser ever did, anyways.

That’s only going by the Chronicles, and you forgot that the devs decided that those are just titan opinions.

Actually we don’t know that, yet. For now it’s a reasonable assumption, but well, reasonable is not necessarily the best measure for WoW’s story.

I really have no idea what that means. Is the idea that we shouldn’t assume any reason for Azeroth being there, because Danuser? Nah. They have many writers that have the kind of stupidity you only get with education.

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