Lmao enjoy raid items in pvp


i have a much better solution, dont waste my time with obviously broken gear that shouldnt even be there in the first place, its not like we had a thread about this 2 months ago when we could see the items in the dungeon journal, where everyone agreed that this is gonna be a sh!tshow of broken items,

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Ah that’s a fact those trinkets should never be active in PvP. But now that they are here everyone will be hunting for them so…

(Jìsoo) #6

Let’s wait and see how long it takes for them to fix this. If they wait as long as last time then I think it’s obvious their goal was to push everyone into farming these new items.


Well the problem is that it’s hard finding a guild that does mythic out of nowhere. It would be like going to a pve player that has never played pvp and tell him to go play RBG to 2.4 for his absolutely broken BiS item.


Heroic with titanforge is probably bis for us. I may tryvto raid. Maybe i will enjoy it; mythic+ is actually OK.

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I totally agree this is why the game is not pleasant right now, on top of the meta not being fun without PvE trinkets anyways.

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I don’t even mind the acquisition method (well I do a lot)
but for me it’s troublesome to which direction these items shifts the meta

probably most boring and tanky meta out of all is gonna be ever tankier and even more dampening war
already broken classes got better, already bad classes got worse because of this tanking items

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Actually we should all be thankful for tank trinkets, let’s keep in mind they announced a trinket with 8.2 that deals 25k damage every 0.5s for 2.5s. Gotta have the tank trinket to survive that one!

(Symex) #12

we are probably going to have close to 350-400k by then since the hoa will give stamina when u upgrade it

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Possible indeed. That’s still powerful, it’s a damn ITEM that gives you 50k dps for a bit, it’s extremely good even with 400k hp to finish people off.

(Saíyko) #14

I don’t actually mind broken PvE items if they do a lot of damage since the pace of the game increases. But when its tank items for literally every spec in a meta thats already slow.

Give me strength

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yes, i agree… it s like do pve in order to be ok for pvp and at the end of the day there is not time to pvp…

(Symex) #17

The legendary ones are from mythic
The epic ones are from heroic prob

(Jito) #18

Just for convenience :slight_smile:

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They nerfed ID trait for affly, yet they give it to each class and it’s even castable on movement. Gotta love it


just reading some of this essences gives me aids. There is no way they manage to balance this stuff in any way haha.

(Hairira) #25

Setting up groups for raids a fair bit more annoying than for M+ but have to see.


If you want to call 1vs20 phasing and sharding shifting that happends constantly in W-PvP a PvP then go ahead. I take no part in that. Because I never experienced W-PvP in BFA that was even slightly being even.

This design was intentional for PvErs. Have fun though. I dont care just pointing it out to you why some people might not want to turn this broken system on. Have a good day.

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