Lock Gehennas before Firemaw players ruin it

Worst case they need to pay for a transfer, and it’s currently 30% discount. So… 17 bucks or something. Unless they lock Gehennas, it’s a slight inconvenience. If they DID lock Gehennas, now that would be fun.

They said they will be Closing free transfers in about 2 hours or more.

This was said yesterday 22 hours ago.

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Actually they said they’d close them at the earliest in ~2 hours and in maximum 1 week (6 days from now then).

EDIT: Here’s the actual post:

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It’s now later in the week, and 22.5 hours later, my guess would be tomorrow at the restart.

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That could very well be the case. I’m just saying don’t get suprised if it’s still open a couple of days from now.

Are Discord screenshots on the Forums now?

Damn those Discords! Hacking into our forum!

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Many are moving their alts as well, so for some it is 17, but for other it might be 170.

I know ppl who have 50 alts and use them for RPing/questing/etc…

50*17=850 euro’s. Yeah… No thanks…

“in no less than 24 hours from the time of this post”

No less than 24 hours. No less than 24 hours.

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Is the char transfer via Razorgore still open or allready closed?

RIP genehs. All the gdkp raids went there. 20 gold per haste potion incoming in 1 week.


Haste pots already more than double the old price, Blizzard needs to increase the layers further to account for the fact the server population increased by 50%. Or they need to send every single one of them back to Firemaw, which would be a much better solution.

I’m sure that those who have 50 characters follow wow news everyday and won’t be caught off guard. ;p The only ones that are at risk to begin with are the casuals with one or two characters who play this game once a week.

haste pots are dirty cheap compared to firemaw prices. expect them to ramp up hard

Firemaw prices were several times what they were on any other server due to being locked from transfers/new players and also locked on 4 layers max. Gehennas haste pots were 3g each, which is completely normal for TBC pricing.

8g for a haste pot is not dirty cheap, it’s a complete ripoff.

Firemaw pots were basically free when every resource was 68746 pages on auction house thanks to bots … it only went up recently after they locked it and slowly bots went away …

No they’re not

Because people were abusing free character transfers to stock up from bots on dead realms and then payed to transfer mule character back to Firemaw. With realm being locked prices inflated.

Already were sadly…
GDKP’s started becoming a huge spammy problem about 4-5 months ago.

Guess that’s the curse off a populated server :man_shrugging:

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