Lone wolf is the worst talent that has ever existed

I know people like the option to not have a pet. I get that and i understand it. But its not an option for MM Hunter. You have to play it 100%, especially in multitarget. So giving the hunter the option to not have pet (which is a cool idea), made it so…MM having no choice :-D.
+…so many talents are useless, left side class tree, pet sac, passive leech or other utility…its just a bad design say what you want…I dont say take it out but make it a choice. Let lone wolf only boost ST attacks or give us aoe pets …idk …

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Pet sac is a powerful defensive :open_mouth:

and fun to use. But a MM will never experience it :smiley:

as i’ve written multiple times elsewhere, as a first step LW needs to only affect the primary target of the hunter spells to at least become acceptable in multi target.

and even then, it still doesn’t cover the discrepancy due to multiplicative scaling with cooldowns, which could be argued that it costs a talent point, so it should give some extra damage. it just needs to be tuned competitively with the other paths around it.

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