Long arm of the law

That is all I want, thanks blizzard

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Which arm are we talking about here

Most likely the mop/wod version, after every judgement, you’d get 45% move speed for 3 secs.

Yeah, that arm

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Dood, I’d trade the pony for that any day of the week, even the current talent which was supposed to be the “long arm of the law we asked for”, judgement of justice, it’s such a bad talent because it got nerfed, currently it gives 10% more speed for 5 secs and slows for 30% for 8 secs.

If my memory serves me right, while the ret rework was still on ptr, in the first few days, wasn’t this 20% speed and 40% slow? Why not keep it like that?

Yes, yes, there are people that enjoy the fantasy of “mounting up and charging into battle like that”, but in gameplay? oh boy…

Maybe I’m biased or looking at it with bronze tinted goggles, but the best ret paladin fantasy/gameplay was wod with seal dancing, that oozed paladin fantasy while the current one, atleast in my view, is just " I’m a discount arms warrior"

Also, exorcism > blade of justice ( from sound and how it felt to get that art of war proc and a fat crit with it) and I don’t mean the dragonflight, fart in the wind, exorcism that was barely heared and was just enabling more aoe with consecration, nonono, the old one, looking again at wod, while also adding the mop and cata ret for exorcism.

Why almost every paladin is so obsessed with that trash old talent? The moment you were out of range of an enemy target, it became completely useless. While on the other hand, you can mount the charger anywhere, regardless of circumstances, and now it’s also off the GCD after the rework.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of problems with ret as of now, but long arm of the law is like the last thing that would improve paladin gameplay.

agree add that back.

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Why tho? What would this talent even achieve when it didnt bring us near the mobility of other classes back in WoD. Now they have added 2 classes with freaking wings that fly around that even YOU mentioned in another post.

Warriors have gotten more leaps, Mages have gotten more blinks, DKs have gotten more grips, locks have gotten shorter CD on their portals (i think) and dont even mention Rogues.

All of them have gotten tools to remove slows, some even roots.
Most of them can spam slow and even apply roots.

We on the other hand have gotten nothing. We have had a second freedom charge way back but was removed long ago. Cleanse magic removal gone, emancipate gone and one of these are a must to even have the LaotL function as it did back then.

Magic removal tied with an attack like judgment is just bad as soooooo many classes gets a counter for OUR FREAKING COUNTER. So locks can lock a fairly important attack that ties to our main dmg dealer.

Yet here you are, asking to become a small plane to catch up jet planes.

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3s of 45% speed is definitely not going to cut it. Especially when it can be dodged/ignored.

Paladin needs to stop being the wheelchair class, the hybrid excuse is bs because look at druids. They got great heals as dps AND good mobility with the ability to ignore roots no matter what.

Meanwhile :
:man_biking: :dash: :hole: :person_in_manual_wheelchair: :thought_balloon:

It was fun

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For me it wasent, it was just part of your rotation. Added nothing to gameplay, it was just there.

Warriors were a class that already had a charge and intercept, why did they need a leap and why does this leap give a 70% 3 sec sprint after?
They also had a strong slow, why did they need a root?
They also had a healing debuff, why did they need a stun?
Why do their overall selfhealing compete with ours in pvp with 0 loss of dps while at it?
Why did they feel the need to add a mana cost to our selfhealing while all other melee has an never ending supply of it while at the same time ours in pvp is nerfed 50%?

All the tools only we used to have was given to everyone else while only 1 tool they had since day one was given to us (Rebuke)?

There is no rime or reason when it comes to the lack of tools given to Rets. We have nothing truly unique to the spec while lacking every single arsenal everyone else has.

Freedom can give a 30% sprint… not fun enough? Pony is 100% sprint still not fun enough?

But 45% sprint for 3 sec on (i think back then 6 sec CD?) is the sweet spot of whats fun? No, its a drop in the ocean for what we lack atm.

It terms of pvp it was fun to always stay close to your target

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But thats the thing… you didnt stay close unless you could use emancipate. That would help us far more in todays gameplay then LaotL ever could. If you face a mage outside freedom even with the sprint, you are running slower then him. Even with the pony you are slower then him!

www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WxE_c7LcO8 ← paladin in general after WOD

Paladins in general pre WoD aswell. In WoD palas had empowered seals, LaotL and emancipate so they could run with a constant 20% buff and 50% uptime on 45% LaotL totaling 65% runspeed with no CD on snare/root removal.

But this was ONLY in WoD and no other expansion. WoD was the exception, not the rule.

Still a very blunt and predictable approach in combat, no feints or stunts to be made. Just run to target and smack their head if they dont see the ball of light flash towards them giving all the warning signals.

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