Long-term issues with a horrible persistent stalker

I have serious issues with a certain player who’s been harassing me for a long time on Argent Dawn. I always put them on my ignore list when they text me obnoxious stuff from yet another account they have (as far as I’m aware they have 6+ active accounts that they use to server hop from one realm to another) Sometimes they manage to text me somehow from a character that I already have on my ignore list (from another realm). To make matters worse, if I were to go to a secluded zone with friends, the stalker is immediately on their way trying to find me/us - they always play druid so their signature move is switching to bear form and throwing foot balls (the toy from toybox) on you as well as standing right on top of you, thus griefing any ongoing roleplaying you might currently be having. They can do that for hours. What’s especially upsetting is that no matter how many tickets I submitted about their behavior, the GM who responded always told me they couldn’t do anything unless they caught them in the act… How am I supposed to report the offender and have a GM immediately answer my ticket so they do indeed catch them in the act?! I’m getting extremely frustrated. Has anyone had a similar experience here on Argent Dawn (or on any server at all)? This nonsense has to end. I need your help!


Try using a screen capture video service to record it. Take lots of screenshots and include timestamps. Keep persisting until they do something about it. That’s the only advice really. I’ve been stalked myself back in the day and it isn’t fun so I can sympathize. Just keep reporting with as much evidence as possible.


resubmit tickets about the problem if you get unhelpful answers

80% of the time whichever cs representative you get just wants to speedrun to a quota instead of be useful


Keep escalating the tickets, the GM you got was full of it. They don’t need to catch them in the act they can literally view logs to see who has done what and where so long as you give a location and a time and date.


Screen caps, receipts and logs. Just like in real life you need a paper trail for a reason, it helps people back you up and follow an evidence trail.

This. Never heard of this even being a thing. Make sure you include timestamps and locations etcetera. Surely you’ve used print-screen features, those should help as well (using print screen key, not Snip tool - there’s also information in the filename created)

If they say ‘no can do’ appeal or complain about the GM and escalate even more. Stalking and griefing isn’t something that they should be taking lightly.

Alternatively, you could try having maybe a larger event and just all of you reporting the player for Cheating (reasoning being griefing) or the like, so it’s a justified report. If there’s enough of you, the automated system will immediately disconnect the player. Temporary solution though, sadly.


Exactly this!

I had somebody send me in-game mail telling me I should die a slow and painful death.
The person deleted the character but when I put a ticket in, the GM was not only able to track the deleted character and restore it, but also the account.

Now naturally, he couldn’t go into the details of what will happen to that person, but they can certainly do a lot more.

GMs have individual chatlogs on file. Make sure to report harassment tagged with server, zone, player name/realm and the time of day.

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