Look for m+ regular players

Hi all

I’m a DH Havoc player Currently sitting at 2621 RIOon Ravencrest.
I am struggling to get invites into 20s even tho they’re the only keys i can progress in.

I am looking for a regular group of players to push keys with, I really want to push and compete with the best but i am just lacking a group.

I’m not a perfect player, but i am willing to put the time in to become one

My Discord is Limsy#8937

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Have you tried looking in Mythic Plus Friends?

There are other M+ Discords, but this seems to be the one that most caters for higher keys.

no offens but server kind of dead i use mythic plus dojo much better honest

Im looking to. And i feel your pain. Even tho im currently trying to do 16-18 keys.

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