Look how they Massacred my Boy

What have they done to Frost? Why do we still suck? Self healing is literally worse than gdamn warriors, paper armor, can barely utilize dps in pvp because most runic power goes to DS self heal, i do semi good in 2v2s but its not nearly enough, why BLIZ WHY? BUFF FROST DKS


the same answer is always deafening, they dont care and will never care unless the person in charge is replaced by someone that knows what they are doing, look into the VANILLA Death knight development blogs 15+ years ago, and see the joy, the excitement and happyness in their words as they describe what they are working on.

I was a Beta tester in back in wrath, the class was one of the best designed MMO classes i have ever played, especially after they fine tuned it after the OP release that it was, but then as the years and months went by, they slowly killed the entire class because…once again, some dev higher on the pecking order complained that they got Murked by a DK on their mage or whatever, and i suspect that the ones in charge of original Dk was so fed up with the treatment, and blizz doing nothing to fix workplace hostility, they left, and now after many years, here we are.

such is the death knight fate … suffer well brothers… or reroll something else

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Frost sucking so hard hurts extra considering how crisp the animations and sounds for it are now.


FDK needs a full revamp from the ground up. Brand new skill tree, and maybe a new vision. I wouldn’t even be upset if they released it how ret paladin rework was (busted), as long as they tone it down in a decent time.

It’s a shame how it feels like they’ve completely forgotten about DK, when it’s one of the more interesting and flavourful classes in WoW.

I’m not even a DK main, but I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness for the class when even I as someone who barely plays the class feels like it’s forgotten about.


i have lost count the amount they have reworked rogue, mage, priest and more by now, mid expacs too.

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Frost got a ‘change’ that will probably get called a rework :man_shrugging:t2:

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